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We are the New York region's top real estate sourcing company. We specialize in below market value properties and match these deals with the right investor. 

On the sell side we assist property owners with the sale of "difficult" properties. Whether the seller is bankrupt, insolvent or in other financial difficulties or the property itself un-mortgageable, structurally unsound or otherwise compromised we can assist. We help sellers who can't go through the standard route of estate agents and realtors to get direct access to professional investors who are able to cope with these "difficulties" and get the deal done. We can link you to cash and creative buyers who can close quickly on a range of deals. 

On the buy side we work to source attractive deals for our investors. Our specialties lie in below-market-value "difficult" properties which we know are appealing to our investors. Our local focus and expertise in the area allows us to filter out only the best deals to present to investors. By sending in your investment criteria we're then able to match you to upcoming deals coming onto our database.   

We can be reached at:,
240 State Street,
Suite 2255,
Albany, NY 12220
Phone: (518) 227-1314